What does mail forwarding cost?

Our minimum contract period is twelve months and there are two parts to our fee structure –:

Part one - Annual fee of £180.00, payable in advance to use the service, which includes opening the item of mail received and informing you by email that mail has been received

Part two – Deposit/credit into your MAILBOXGIBRALTAR account – minimum amount of £30.00 and can be topped up at any time.  Your account pays for the handling of the mail received. We consider your account to be your money that we are holding on your behalf and is used to pay for the handling of your mail as per the list below. 

Mail Handling Charges:

Our prices are as follows:

Scanning contents of mail: £0.10 per sheet scanned

Forwarding by mail / courier:  at cost plus a handling fee of £5.00

Holding mail received: FREE

Shredding mail received: FREE

How To Apply

It’s very simple,  apply online.