Setting up your account

How long does it take to setup a MAILBOXGIBRALTAR?

Setting up a MAILBOXGIBRALTAR takes only a few minutes. Once your subscription starts, you will receive a welcome email with your personal login details and our address.

Can I receive mail sent by courier?

Yes! The address we provide is a real physical street address so you can receive mail sent from any courier company.

Can I receive packages?

No! Should a package be received it will immediately be rejected.

If I am in the area, can I pick up my mail instead of having you forward it to me?

Unfortunately local pickup is not available. This is for various reasons and the main one is security. However, we offer all of the courier options that allow us to have your mail delivered to your doorstep anywhere in the world by a specific time. With MAILBOXGIBRALTAR you have complete control over your mail at all times.

Mail Scanning & Forwarding

Will you open my mail?

Yes! We send you an email notification confirming that you have received an item of mail and provide a brief description of what has been received so that you can immediately decide how to handle it saving you time.

How long does it take to forward my mail?

All mail forwarding requests submitted by 12.00 GMT are sent out the same day. Depending on what type of service you select will depend on how fast the forward mail is delivered to its destination.


How do I cancel my subscription and close my account?

Send us an email to info@mailboxgibraltar.com. This will close your account effective immediately.

If I close my account, what happens to my physical mail?

We will continue receiving your mail for 90 days after you close your account. After this new incoming mail will be rejected and returned to sender.

How do I contact you?

As we are a virtual office please contact us via email to info@mailboxgibraltar.com and we shall respond as soon as possible.